At the end of 2016, I was contacted by my friend and professional photographer Karine Aigner about a Summer photography trip she was looking to organize. A few months later, it was confirmed: I would be heading to Ecuador for two weeks for a youth conservation photography workshop, led by Karine and Lucas Bustamente, both ILCP fellows, with help from Jorge, Diana and the rest of the Tropical Herping team!

Participating in the workshop were myself and five other young photographers: Anna, Carolina, Emma, Sam and Zach. I flew into Ecuador on a cool July evening, excited for the two weeks ahead!

Over the trip, I learned what conservation photography truly was. As a conservation photographer, you have a duty to photograph the world and share the stories that you see with others. The world needs to see environmental photographs and stories if conservation is to be done. A conservation photographer must includes the entire picture in the their stories, not just wildlife portraits and scenics, but also the human behaviors and interactions that may have positive or negative effects on the world.

The photo story that I worked on during the trip was about the education, research and conservation of Herps in Ecuador:

"Beautiful in a Slight Way"

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Here is a random selection of some more of my favorite images from this trip. Enjoy!

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Here are a few more photos, showcasing the people, culture and city life that we also witnessed.